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Forensic DNA Test

Our Forensic Testing Is Listed Below.

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Forensic DNA Comparison: Compares an item sent to the DNA of a person. Requires a mouth swab of the person being compared to the items’ DNA. Used often in legal cases.

Semen Detection: In this process, a garment or item will be forensically analyzed to detect the presence of a protein only found in semen.

DNA Detection: This option will forensically analyze a garment or item, to detect the presence of DNA

DNA Detection and Comparison:  This option will forensically analyze a garment or item, to detect the presence of DNA.  If a full DNA profile is extracted, it will then be compared against a control swab of a male to either confirm or deny that the DNA belongs to that person.

When You Will Receive Results: This type of testing generally requires 10 business days.

Payment Options: We offer several ways to pay when you order a paternity DNA test. You can choose to pay with a credit or debit card, and PayPal.

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Our Forensic DNA Testing provides answers to the questions that arise when proof is needed to verify is a person's DNA matches the DNA found on an item. This test can be used by attorney's who may need to determine if their ciient's DNA is present at a crime scene, or perhaps in the case where injury has occured and they are being accused of being responsible. This test is also often used to demonstrate if a spouse or partner's DNA is found on items that are questionable.Journey Genetic Testing is here to help you on this journey of self-discovery in learning the truth through DNA.

  •  You Will Have Access To Our Expertise: We are leaders in DNA forensic testing. Our Genetic Consultants have a deep understanding of forensic questions and the latest advancements in DNA analysis.
  • We Guarantee Accurate DNA Results: Using the most advanced technology, our AABB parent lab will provide you with 100% accurate results. Your testing is performed twice to ensure your report is correct.
  • We Provide Everything You Need: Our kit is shipped USPS Priority and includes everything you need. We also include a pre-paid overnight return label for sending your DNA samples to our parent laboratory.
  • We Make Sure This Is An Easy Process: Our DNA test kit includes simple instructions for collecting your samples, making the process easy and stress-free.
  • Your Information Is Confidential: We know how sensitive personal DNA information is. This information will never be sold and will only be used to test for the specific analysis requested. The results will only be released to the authorized person to receive it.
  • You Will Have Personalized Customer Support: Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Step-By-Step Directions

If you are sending an item to only determine if there is the presense of DNA on it, you will not need to also submit mouth swab samples. For items we are testing that are not mouth swabs, please place the item into a paper envelope, and tape the envelope closed. Do not lick the envelope to seal it. Do not place the item into a plastic or "zip-lock" type baggie. You will then send the sample directly to our lab using the prepaid overnight label we will provide (U.S.A. addresses only).

If you are comparing DNA profiles from the item sent and a person, we will need a mouth swab sample. The directions below are for collecting a DNA specimen using a standard buccal (mouth) swab.

The mouth (buccal) swabs are packaged in sterile packaging. You will have two packets. Each packet contains TWO swabs. You will use all 4 swabs for each person.

Step 1: Complete the information on the DNA collection envelopes.

The names listed should be the same as you put on your order form. There will be one collection envelope for each person whose DNA is being collected.

Step 2: Open the paper packaging and remove the swabs.

Please be careful to handle the swabs on the long handle (the non-cotton end) only. DO NOT, at any time, touch the cotton end with your hands or fingers.

Step 3: With clean dry hands, collect cheek cells by rolling the tip of the sample collection swab firmly on the inside of the right cheek and under the tongue for 20-30 seconds.

Be sure to roll the swab over the entire inner cheek surface. Repeat this process for the same individual with the second swab. You should use two swabs on the inside of the right cheek and two swabs on the inside of the left cheek. Repeat the process for every individual being tested using a different set of swabs and envelope for each person.

Step 4: The mouth swabs should be dry before putting them into the collection envelope.

The best way of doing this without risking contamination is to place them in an upright position in a clean dry glass. Do not put more than one person's DNA samples into a glass at a time. The DNA samples of each person must never touch each other. Once they are dry, place them back into the correct envelopes.

Step 5: Place all of the swab envelopes, plus and any included forms that you have completed, into the large pre-paid FedEx return envelope.

Then simply return them to a FedEx office or call FedEx to pick it up at a time that fits your schedule.

Most Often Asked Questions About Forensic/Infidelity DNA Testing

How Difficult Is It To Get A Good Sample To Test?

Forensic DNA samples vary widely, and the chances of us being able to obtain a DNA profile depends on the sample used. In most cases, items can contain sufficient DNA for analysis, however there may be exceptions. For example, the amount on DNA on the sample may be too small for any significant examination; in other cases, the item provided might be too old, or contaminated with chemicals which might make it unusable for testing.

How Long Does DNA Stay On Clothing?

DNA can usually be recovered from clothes, even after they are exposed to water, for more than 1 week.

Does DNA Wash Off In Laundry?

DNA can be transferred innocently by the laundry, even after clothes are supposed to be “clean.” One study discovered that when undergarments are washed with sheets containing bodily fluids, the undergarment too will have DNA on them. DNA was recovered from all fabric, regardless of washing time or method. The denim/rayon blend yielded the highest DNA recovery in all washing methods and times. Wool and the wool/rayon blend yielded the least DNA recovery in all washing times and methods.

What Destroys DNA Evidence?

Environmental factors, such as heat and humidity, can rapidly increase the degradation of DNA. Also, wet or moist evidence that is packaged in plastic bags will provide a growth environment for bacteria that can destroy DNA evidence.

What Happens To My DNA Samples After The Test Is Done?

Our standard procedure is to retain the samples for 30 days in case additional testing is necessary, and then both the samples and the personal information is destroyed/deleted. If you wish, however, you may request that we destroy all samples containing the tested persons’ DNA immediately after completing the test, however additional testing will not be possible if you choose to do this.

Are My DNA Test Results Confidential?

Your DNA results are 100% confidential, and released only to the person who purchases the test. We do not discuss your testing, or release your results, to anyone else, even other test participants

Can A DNA Test Kit Be Sent To Me Discreetly?

We understand the sensitive nature of DNA tests. We encourage you to use the Make Your Own Kit option in these cases. Click MYOK to learn more.



You can read more of our firsthand reviews from customers who have done their DNA testing through our company by clicking on CLIENT REVIEWS. We take pride in delivering a top-notch 5-star customer experience. Reach out to us with any questions. We look forward to helping you on your journey to truth through DNA.

Outstanding service.

January 4, 2024

Outstanding service and helpfulness.

Mary C

Exceptional Service

December 23, 2023

I purchased a test for my son, and it arrived promptly within two days. After sending it back via mail on Wednesday, I received the results by Friday. I highly recommend this service.

Richard D

You were very Helpful

December 17, 2023

You were very helpful and helped me to set clear expectations. The results approved more quickly than I thought they would. This company demonstrated to me the professional reliability I expected from an accredited laboratory. Wholeheartedly recommended.

John A

Thank you for your help and guidance

December 8, 2023

It had been over a year since I’d talked to my last living grandparent so there was tension right from the beginning. Fortunately Journey Genetic Testing has experience helping people dealt with family tensions – I don’t know how we would have got through this without your help!

Tony G

Pleased with service received.

December 8, 2023

I ordered the test for legal purposes for one of my clients. The entire process was swift and straightforward. I will use Journey again.

Michael D