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Sibling DNA Test

What is included: A 24 marker sibling DNA test (can be used for either full vs half sibling or half sibling vs no sibling relationship testing), USPS Priority shipping of a Journey Genetic Testing collection kit, detailed collection instructions, a prepaid return mailer for your DNA samples (USA addresses only for prepaid return mailer), all lab processing fees, and results from our AABB accredited testing laboratory. In the event that a conclusive result cannot be obtained with our advanced 24 marker test, we will automatically test up to 46 markers, if applicable, at no additional cost to you for the strongest results possible.

Who is included: Two siblings who wish to test to see if they are full siblings (having the same mother and father) or half siblings (having only one parent that they share). The mother’s DNA sample is also included at no additional charge if you wish to include her at the time of the order. Additional siblings may be added at an additional cost as shown on the order form to test against the primary sibling.

How we send the DNA collection kit: USPS Priority mail. You will by emailed a tracking number when the kit ships. For shipments outside of the U.S.A., please choose the International option on the order form and we will ship USPS First Class International. 

If you need to send a kit to more than one address: You have the option of sending additional testing kits to other addresses if needed. Each additional kit is $14.95 and includes USPS Priority shipping, collection materials, instructions, and a prepaid return mailer for the samples. If you wish to send more than one kit please indicate this on the order form.

When your results will be ready: 1-2 business day after the lab receives all of the DNA samples.

If you don’t want a kit mailed to your home or you are in a rush and don’t want to wait for a kit to arrive: We offer the option to make your own DNA kit to allow you to be discreet if your circumstances call for that. Just select the “Make Your Own Kit” option on the order form and we will email you the instructions, your case number, and the address to send your samples to. The lab processing time is the same as with our Journey Genetic Testing collection kit.

Payment Options: We offer several ways to pay when you order a sibling DNA test. You can choose to pay with a credit, debit, or prepaid card with a VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express logo. You may also pay through PayPal, and if you do not already have a PayPal account, you can set one up easily. We also financing options through Affirm. Affirm does not perform a hard credit check. Affirm offers both a Pay In 4 Payment plan, as well as offering up to a 12 month payment plan. Affirm is an independent company that we partner with, however the decision to extend financing is their decision alone.  

Our Sibling DNA Test will provide answers to the question if you are full siblings or half siblings. If you know you don't have the same mother, we can also prove if you are half siblings, having the same father. Journey Genetic Testing is here to help you on this journey of self-discovery in learning the truth through DNA.

  • You Will Have Access To Our Expertise: We are leaders in DNA sibling testing. Our Genetic Consultants have a deep understanding of siblingship and the latest advancements in DNA analysis.
  • We Guarantee Accurate DNA Results: Using the most advanced technology, our AABB parent lab will provide you with 100% accurate results. Your testing is performed twice to ensure your report is correct.
  • We Provide Everything You Need: Our kit is shipped USPS Priority and includes everything you need. We also include a pre-paid overnight return label for sending your DNA samples to our parent lab.
  • We Make Sure This Is An Easy Process: Our DNA test kit includes simple instructions for collecting your samples, making the process easy and stress-free.
  • Your Information Is Confidential: We know how sensitive personal DNA information is. This information will never be sold and will only be used to test for a sibling relationship.
  • You Will Have Personalized Customer Support: Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to answer any questions you may have along the way.

These FAQ's provides comprehensive information about sibling DNA testing, including how it works, when to use it, and what to expect from the process. If you’re looking for answers to your questions about sibling DNA tests, you’ve come to the right place. Our legal sibling testing services are available for court cases or other legal purposes. Contact us today to learn more about our sibling DNA testing services.

How Conclusive Are Your Sibling DNA Tests?

The results of a sibling paternity test are shown as a probability percentage. This indicates whether the genetic profiles acquired can confirm the presence of a relationship. Results demonstrating a probability of 91% or higher are deemed as definitive proof that the relationship exists. Conversely, a probability of less than 9% establishes that the genetic evidence does not support the existence of the relationship.

Can DNA Tell Which Brother Fathered A Child With A Sibling Test?

The answer is "Yes" in almost every situation. A sibling DNA test can determine which brother is the biological father of a child, if you include the DNA of the mother. Every child has genetic contributions (46 chromosomes) 23 chromosomes from the mother and 23 chromosomes from the father.

Can Your DNA Test Prove We Are Half Siblings?

Yes, our DNA test can prove you are half siblings. In fact, DNA testing is the most scientific and accurate way to prove that two or more individuals are biologically related. Half-siblings share only one biological parent, either the mother or father.

Can I Use The Results In Court?

We offer AABB accredited legal sibling testing which is valid in cases for child support, parenting time, birth certificate name changes, probate, and wills, as well as many other legal circumstances. A legally admissible DNA test requires some extra steps, however the final results will be the same.

Can You Tell If We Are Siblings Or Cousins?

It depends. Since half siblings share 25% of the same DNA, and first cousins share 12.5%. Depending on if a mother's DNA is available to test as well, there may be other testing options that would give stronger results. In these situations we encourage you to talk with one of our Genetic Consultants at 1-855-362-5224, or email us at and we can offer advice on your unique situation.

Can I Test Something That Is Not A Mouth Swab?

Yes! Some commonly used items that are not a mouth swab include ear wax, hair (must have the root ball attached), mucous on a tissue, finger or toe nail clippings, and toothbrushes. You can learn more about these "non-standard" DNA samples by clicking on Alternative DNA Samples, or call us a 1-855-362-5224.

How And When Will I Be Receiving My Sibling DNA Test Kit?

If you place your order before 2:00 PM PST, we will send you a sterile DNA collection kit by Priority mail and email you a USPS tracking number. We ship Monday through Friday to physical addresses in the USA Orders received after 2:00 PM PST ship the following business day. Depending on your location, USPS delivers Priority mail within 1-3 business days.

How Fast Can I Get My Sibling Test Results?

Once the lab has all of the samples available for sibling testing, we will have the results for you in 2 business day in almost every single case. All DNA tests for siblings are performed twice, to validate the findings. We do not charge any extra fees for this service.

Do I Need A Mother's DNA For This DNA Test?

You can still do DNA testing without a mother's DNA. What if you can't provide her sample with the siblings' tests? We can still proceed, but we might need to examine more genetic markers. We begin with 24 markers, but sometimes we use up to 46 for stronger results. While this isn't common, it's possible. We'll determine the need during testing. Additional markers might take an extra lab day, but no extra charge. These added markers aim for the best results.

Step-By-Step Directions

The mouth (buccal) swabs are packaged in sterile packaging. You will have two packets. Each packet contains TWO swabs. You will use all 4 swabs for each person.

Step 1: Complete the information on the DNA collection envelopes. The names listed should be the same as you put on your order form. There will be one collection envelope for each person whose DNA is being collected.

Step 2: Open the paper packaging and remove the swabs. Please be careful to handle the swabs on the long handle (the non-cotton end) only. DO NOT, at any time, touch the cotton end with your hands or fingers.

Step 3: With clean dry hands, collect cheek cells by rolling the tip of the sample collection swab firmly on the inside of the right cheek and under the tongue for 20-30 seconds. Be sure to roll the swab over the entire inner cheek surface. Repeat this process for the same individual with the second swab. You should use two swabs on the inside of the right cheek and two swabs on the inside of the left cheek.

Repeat the process for every individual being tested using a different set of swabs and envelope for each person.

Step 3: The mouth swabs should be dry before putting them into the collection envelope. The best way of doing this without risking contamination is to place them in an upright position in a clean dry glass. Do not put more than one person's DNA samples into a glass at a time. The DNA samples of each person must never touch each other. Once they are dry, place them back into the correct envelopes.

Step 4: Place all of the swab envelopes, plus and any included forms that you have completed, into the large pre-paid FedEx return envelope. Then simply return them to a FedEx office or call FedEx to pick it up at a time that fits your schedule.

Your DNA test results will be easy to read and understand. We will also provide you with our "Understanding Your DNA Results" booklet.

We are providing examples of sibling DNA reports below to give you an idea of what the results you receive will look like. Examples of non-legal and legal test results are included. The results are the same for both home and legal tests, however the legal tests require professional DNA collection, and are notarized,

The following example report shows results that indicate a HALF SIBLING compared to a NO SIBLING relationship. In this case, the genetic evidence shows they are half siblings.

Half Sibling DNA Test Results showing they are half siblings


In the next example, we have a DNA test result indication two siblings who know they have the same mother are confirmed as full siblings.

Full sibling DNA test results showing inclusion


Next, we are providing an example of two people who do not have the same mother, and are testing to see if they have the same father. This would make them half siblings. In this result, we see that they are not half siblings.

Half sibling exclusion

Finally, here is an example of a full sibling vs half sibling test that indicates the two siblings do not share the same father.

full sibling test exclusion


As you can see, the reports provide the information needed to know if those testing are full or half siblings. Once you get your DNA report back, if you have questions, we are happy to provide you with help if needed. 

Our testing is the next step in your journey to truth about your family!

REAL CLIENT REVIEWS You can read more of our firsthand reviews from customers who have done their DNA testing through our company by clicking on CLIENT REVIEWS. We take pride in delivering a top-notch 5-star customer experience. Reach out to us with any questions. We look forward to helping you on your journey to truth through DNA.

Outstanding service.

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January 4, 2024

Outstanding service and helpfulness.

Mary C

You were very Helpful

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December 17, 2023

You were very helpful and helped me to set clear expectations. The results arroved more quickly than I thought they would. This company demonstrated to me the professional reliability I expected from an accredited laboratory. Wholeheartedly recommended.

John A

Brought Us Together!

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November 30, 2023

We had an amazing experience; thanks for facilitating the reunion of siblings!

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November 28, 2023

I appreciate your assistance and for addressing my many questions and concerns!

Karen S

Fast Results

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November 10, 2023

The test conclusively identified a half-sibling relationship with a 99.98% certainty, and the results came faster than expected.

Sarah B