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Sibling DNA Test

What is a Sibling DNA Test?

Sibling DNA Test - 100% Accurate

A sibling DNA test is a DNA test that will provide the answers you need regarding your biological relationship.

Our sibling DNA tests examine 24 shared genetic markers between two or more individuals. They reveal with 100% accuracy whether you share both parents (full siblings), one parent (half-siblings), or have no sibling connection.

This test is often used to determine if a family rumor, or ancestry report, is correct. We have found, over the many years we have provided genetic services, that inforamtion from ancestry reports about possible siblings is wrong about fifty-percent of the time.

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Journey Genetic Testing DNA Test Accuracy

The Accuracy Of Our Sibling DNA Test

We guarantee the test results we deliver, for both at home tests and legal testing, to be 100% accurate. Every test is performed twice and reviewed by a lab genetics specialist who is a Ph.D.

To make certain you get the right answer, if our 24 marker standard test does not provide an answer that is strong enough, we will automatically upgrade the test to examine additional genetic material, at no additional cost to you.

We are committed to helping you on your journey to truth, through DNA testing.

Reasons For Sibling Testing

You can use a DNA sibling test to confirm relationships for a variety of reasons. Some of these include:

  • Indirectly Establishing Paternity: Determining the biological father of a child for personal knowledge or for legal purposes such as child support, custody, and parenting rights.
  • Helping Adoptees Reunite With Birth Family: Siblingship tests are often used by adoptees wanting to connect with biological siblings or learn more about their ancestry.
  • Resolving Inheritance Issues: For inheritance and probate claims, a DNA test can solidify the claim of a rightful beneficiary.
  • Claiming Social Security Benefits: Providing evidence of familial relationships to qualify for social security benefits or survivor benefits.
  • Changing The Name On A Birth Certificate: Verifying biological relationships as part of name change proceedings, especially when there are disputes or uncertainties regarding parentage.
  • Surrogacy/IVF confirmation: Confirming biological parentage in cases of surrogacy arrangements, and IVF treatments, to ensure legal rights and responsibilities were appropriately completed.
  • Settling Insurance Claims: Providing evidence of biological relationships for insurance claims, particularly in cases where beneficiaries need to be identified or contested.
  • Proving Relationships For I.R.S. Tax Filings: The federal government is increasingly requiring proof of a biological relationship to verify dependent status. In some cases this will require a DNA sibling test result.

Getting The Answers You Need With Sibling Test

Chosing the right test depends on one main factor – if those testing have the same biological mother. There are two main options for testing.

  • A Full Sibling vs. Half Sibling Test: Determines if two people share one or both biological parents. If those testing as siblings know they have the same mother, then a full sibling test should done. If the results show full siblings, then both parents are shared. This confirms a full sibling relationship. If the report shows they do not share both parents, then they know that they are half-siblings, with different fathers.
  • A Half-Sibling vs. No Sibling Relationship Test: This DNA test is done when the participants know they have different mothers and want to discover if they have the same biological father. If the report shows they share one parent, then they have the same father, and are half-siblings.

The results we deliver for both of these tests are 100% accurate, and ready in just 2 business days one we have the DNA samples in lab.

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We offer both options. The answer depends on what you are using the results for. The results we provide for both have the same accuracy.

Home Sibling Tests – A home kit is both convenient and private. Our DNA collection kits let you take mouth swab sample at home. If you need an answer to just confirm the truth, this may be the right choice for you, however the DNA results aren’t usable in court. Our home DNA test also allow the testing of items that are not mouth swabs, in the event a more discreet testing is desired. Items that can be tested that are not mouth swabs can be found by going to Alternative DNA samples.

Legal Sibling Test: These results are court-admissible, and can be used for official matters like inheritance, immigration, child custody, or immigration. DNA samples are collected with strict ‘chain-of-custody’ procedures, and our lab follows legal-grade testing protocols. If you want to learn about what’s involved in legal testing, please click Legal Sibling Test.

How Much Does Sibling Test Cost?

how much is a sibling DNA test
  • Home Sibling DNA Test Kit – $129. Includes two participants to determine their sibling relationship, and a mother’s DNA is included at no additional cost. Kits are shipped USPS Priority with a prepaid overnight return label. Results are ready in two business days after we get the DNA samples.
  • Legal Sibling Test – $299. Includes two individuals to determine if they are full, half, or have no sibling relationship, and a mother’s DNA is included at no additional cost. The cost also includes the DNA collection appointment, overnight shipping of the DNA samples to our lab, and legally admissible notarized results in two business days. Click here to learn more about a legally admissible sibling test.

Journey Genetic Testing makes it easy for you to get the DNA testing you need. You can order privately online 24/7 with our secure and safe online order form, or you can speak to one of our Genetic Consultants at 1-855-362-5224.

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Sibling Testing Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions we are most often asked about siblingship testing. If you have questions that are not answered here, please reach out to us. We will always provide you direct and honest answers, and if we can’t help you, we may be be able to refer you to a company that can.

How Conclusive Are Your DNA Tests?

The results of a sibling test are shown as a probability percentage. This indicates whether the genetic profiles acquired can confirm the presence of a relationship. Results demonstrating a probability of 91% or higher are deemed as definitive proof that the relationship exists. Conversely, a probability of less than 9% establishes that the genetic evidence does not support the existence of the relationship. The statistics we show are guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

Can DNA Tell Which Brother Fathered A Child With A Sibling Test?

The answer is “Yes” in almost every situation. A sibling DNA test can determine which brother is the biological father of a child, if you include the DNA of the mother. Every child has genetic contributions (46 chromosomes) 23 chromosomes from the mother and 23 chromosomes from the father.

Can Your DNA Test Prove We Are Half Siblings?

Yes, our DNA test can prove you are half siblings. In fact, DNA testing is the most scientific and accurate way to prove that two or more individuals are biologically related. Half-siblings share only one biological parent, either the mother or father.

Can I Use The Results In Court?

We offer AABB accredited legal sibling testing which is valid in cases for child support, parenting time, birth certificate name changes, probate, and wills, as well as many other legal circumstances. A legally admissible DNA test requires some extra steps, however the final results will be the same.

Can You Tell If We Are Half-Siblings Or Cousins?

It depends. Since half siblings share 25% of the same DNA, and first cousins share 12.5%. Depending on if a mother’s DNA is available to test as well, there may be other testing options that would give stronger results. In these situations we encourage you to talk with one of our Genetic Consultants at 1-855-362-5224, or email us at and we can offer advice on your unique situation.

Can I Test Something That Is Not A Mouth Swab?

Yes! Some commonly used items that are not a mouth swab include ear wax, hair, mucous on a tissue, finger or toe nail clippings, and toothbrushes. This may be a good option if the other person is not available for testing, or it is too difficult to approach them directly for a DNA sample. You can learn more about these “non-standard” DNA samples by clicking on Alternative DNA Samples, or call us a 1-855-362-5224.

How And When Will I Be Receiving My DNA Test Kit?

If you place your order before 2:00 PM PST, we will ship the same business day. We will send you a sterile DNA collection kit by Priority mail and email you a USPS tracking number. We ship Monday through Friday to physical addresses in the USA. Orders received after 2:00 PM PST ship the following business day. Depending on your location, USPS delivers Priority mail within 1-3 business days.

How Fast Can I Get My Results?

Once the lab has all of the samples available for sibling testing, we will have the results for you in 2 business days in almost every single case. We perform all DNA tests for siblings twice, to validate the findings. We do not charge any extra fees for this service.

Do I Need A Mother’s DNA For An Accurate Answer?

You can still do DNA testing without a mother’s DNA. We can still proceed, but we might need to examine more genetic markers. We begin with 24 markers, but sometimes we use up to 46 for stronger results. We’ll determine the need to add markers during testing. Additional markers might take an extra lab day, but no extra charge. These added markers aim for the best results. Your results will be 100% accurate with, or without, the mother’s DNA.

Can We Still Test If We Live In Different Cities?

Yes. When submitting your test order just indicate that you need more that the one DNA kit that is already included. If those being tested live close enough to get togther to collect their DNA samples, then only one kit is needed. If getting together isn’t possible, the we can send identical kit(s) to the other participant(s). Each kit will have identical case numbers, and the specimens are matched in lab by both the case number, as well as the names given on the order form. Each kit will also have a prepaid overnight label included (USA addresses) and we wil notify you once all samples have arrived and testing begins.

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