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Is A Home Paternity Test Sufficient?

How Accurate Is A Home Paternity Test?

A Journey Genetic Testing home paternity test kit can be used to determine, conclusively and beyond any reasonable doubt, if a man is the biological father of a child.

A paternity test is frequently required for this DNA process, as compared to a maternity test, since the identity of the mother is generally either known, or easier to establish.

Our home paternity test makes use of DNA technology that is precise, and we stand guarantee it to be 100% accurate, based on the genetic information from the DNA samples that are sent i n for testing.

DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is the genetic outline of an individual that is unique to only that person. A home paternity test is usually the right option to settle any questions you have about pate who the biological father is. Those involved can do the collection of samples for personal paternity tests themselves and simply send the DNA samples to the DNA paternity test lab for processing. So if you simply want to know who the father of a child is ‘discretely’, then a home-conducted paternity test is for you. This test provides the same results as a legal DNA test, however since it is collected at home, it is generally not court admissible.

A legal paternity test is admissible in any legal court within the United States, as long as certain protocols have been established and followed throughout the DNA testing process. This includes a person doing the DNA collection that is authorized to do so, and establishing a chain of custody with verification of each person’s identity. This would be the type of DNA test you need to add or change a name on the birth certificate, for child custody or support, and for immigration requirements. In most cases, if necessary, we can also provide expert witnesses for court proceedings.

How Do I Collect DNA For A Home Paternity Test?

The paternity tests we do have the DNA collected with a mouth swab. The DNA that the swab collects in from the lining of the inner cheek and gums. With the introduction of DNA paternity testing, the earlier methods used for testing biological associations like blood group typing and HLA analysis have become obsolete. Aside from being more accurate, collecting samples for paternity tests by mouth swab is painless and non-invasive compared to other methods. A swab from the inside of the mouth is widely accepted as the method of choice for obtaining the source material for a paternity test.

Each person's DNA is examined in a  home paternity test.

Illustration showing the structure of DNA

Whether for personal or legal circumstances, there are several paternity tests you can order for home use, or alternatively paternity test collection sites for legal testing, to have your samples taken. Legal DNA testing always done by appointment only, and can be done in multiple locations if those needing the DNA test live too far apart to meet at the same place.

The bottom-line however is this – knowing who a child’s father is may result in some difficult discussions, which should be fully anticipated before the DNA tests are conducted. Even though the conversations may be hard, each person has a right to know the truth of who their biological father is.

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