Do I need a home dna test or a legal dna test? Journey Genetic Testing.

Home DNA Testing

Journey Genetic Testing provides both home and legal DNA tests. Here’s the difference.

Legal, court-admissible cases require a chain of custody of the sample, which must be obtained from an approved DNA collector at a collection site. When DNA test results will be used for legal purposes, such as child support, social security, or custody matters, “legal” DNA tests are required.

At-home” DNA tests provide the exact same information as a legal DNA test; but they are not intended for use in a court of law and are generally not considered court-admissible. If you do not have a pending legal reason for obtaining a DNA test, our home DNA tests are recommended.

There are several advantages to taking a home test.

  • Test kit and lab processing is less expensive, sometimes by hundreds of dollars.
  • Both tests provide results that are equally accurate.
  • Home DNA tests can be done at anytime in the comfort of your home.
  • Items other than a mouth swab may be able to be tested for DNA.

Whether you need an answer for your own piece of mind, or for a legal situation, we can provide the testing you need with accuracy, speed, and low cost.