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Specialized DNA Tests

Our lab is experienced in obtaining DNA from forensic type evidence, including body fluid stains, hair, toothbrushes, and many different items as well. We can create a profile for a person, and compare it, store the profile, or “bank” the DNA until it is needed at some point in the future. Our Genetic Consultants are here to advise you of the best choice of genetic testing for your situation. Call us at 1-855-362-5224 with any questions.

Forensic dna

Forensic DNA Testing

Items are compared to a persons profile to see if they are a match. Legal defense cases or possible infidelity are common uses.

Individual DNA profile

DNA Profiles

We will map your own unique genetic DNA profile. You will receive a report that can be used to identify your unique DNA.

DNA Banking - 15 Years


DNA banking allows individuals to securely store their DNA up to 15 years. Useful for identity and future family uses.