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The Importance of Grandparent Testing

DNA Grandparent Testing

A great approach to be certain of your biological connection to a grandchild is to do DNA grandparent testing.

Paternity Testing Using A Grandparent

When the father is unavailable, there are numerous instances where a grandparent’s DNA is compared with the DNA of a grandchild. For instance, if the father is in another state, is incarcerated, is serving in the military overseas, or is deceased, you might want to learn the truth without alerting anyone to your suspicions.

A grandmother or grandfather will frequently question whether their son actually did father the child. It’s sometimes better to research before approaching the father with the prospect because this might be a delicate subject. In other cases, the father may just reject the idea that there is any possibility he is not the child’s biological father. There are a lot of loving grandparents in this position. Do not believe that you are helpless or that there are no other options if you are.

How Accurate Are DNA Grandparent Tests?

With the use of DNA grandparent testing, it is now possible to 100% accurately determine the likelihood that a grandparent and grandchild are truly biologically related. However, if the child’s mother is available and aware of the testing, it is better to have her participate in the test. If the mother’s DNA is included in the test, all of her DNA will be completely removed from the child’s profile, leaving the lab just with the DNA that the father provided to the child, which can then be compared to his parent. A higher degree of probability may be provided by this. However, if it is required, the mother can be excluded from the test.

When Would I Need A DNA Grandparentage Test?

A Legal Grandparent DNA Test is frequently used to produce proof that a child is eligible to receive Social Security payments after his or her father has gone away. In these situations, it is virtually always necessary to test the mother as well. If the father’s name was not listed on the birth certificate, a legally binding document must be submitted before the childcan receive benefits. This kind of DNA testing is a priceless tool for ensuring that your grandchild will be financially supported.

Testing BOTH paternal grandparents alongside the child is another way to test grandparents’ DNA. A missing parent DNA test is what this is known as. In Missing Parent Testing, the genetic profile of the father is essentially “recreated” by combining the DNA of the two grandparents. The purported grandchild would then be compared to this profile, which would typically yield a very conclusive DNA test result. Similar to the Grandparent test, it is advantageous to include the mother in this exam if she is accessible.

Make sure all your testing is done in an DNA testing lab that is AABB Accredited if any of these situations apply to you and you want to find out for sure.

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