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DNA Paternity Testing

Paternity testing can be broken down into two main categories: home (private) paternity testing and legal paternity testing.

The genetic markers we analyze include the same markers used by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies for human DNA identity testingm and our DNA testing laboratory is AABB accredited. Bio-Gene DNA Testing will only perform higher marker testing, rather than the standard 13-16 marker paternity tests other companies offer, to ensure the most accurate DNA testing results for your peace of mind and personal knowledge. As such, every test performed is required to adhere to the strictest control protocols, which yields an accuracy level of up to 99.99999%. This is over 10,000 times more accurate than the base level of 99% that is required to meet accreditation standards.

Please note:  Due to the higher number of genetic markers examined, which results in increased accuracy of our testing, only the alleged father and child’s sample are necessary for testing. The mother of the child does not need to be tested in most cases.

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We test for paternity using up to 25 genetic markers which allows our testing to be the most accurate DNA paternity test available. Our testing is 1,000 more powerful than a standard 16 marker test.

If you do not need a DNA test for a legal matter, and desire a paternity test only for your own peace of mind, then our “at home” private paternity test is may be the best choice for you.

Home paternity test

With our home DNA paternity test you personally collect your own DNA samples at a time and place of your choosing. The process is quick and painless and we provide detailed instructions for the sample collection.

This is the most affordable option to discover the truth, and is just as accurate as a legal paternity test. Our home paternity tests use the laboratory testing procedures and produce the same results as our legal paternity testing, however the results of a home DNA test may not be able to be used forlegal purposes due to the fact that the identity of the persons tested cannot be independently verified.

Our home paternity testing is able to be performed world-wide. To learn more about home paternity testing, please click here.

Legal paternity testing

In court cases it is up to each individual judge as to whether they will accept a home DNA test in place of a legal DNA test. Legal paternity tests, often called “chain-of-custody” DNA tests, provide court-admissible results. Legal DNA testing is used for evidence for court cases including divorce, child custody or child support issues. In additonal legal DNA testing is usually necessary for birth certificate name changes, immigration cases, and proof of relationship for Social Security benefits or IRS dependent verification.

All legal DNA testing obtained through Bio-Gene DNA Testing is AABB accredited. To learn more about legal paternity testing, please click here.

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