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DNA Testing In Aloha, OR

Journey Genetic Testing provides the most specific, most dependable, and most affordable direct to user DNA tests . We have united with our AABB research laboratory partner to provide you swift processing times without giving up reputation for high quality work.

Whether you need a paternity test, or a different family relationship test in Aloha, OR, we can handle your testing needs. Listed below are the type of DNA tests we can arrange.

Residents of Aloha can also choose to schedule an appointment to have their DNA collected at our Beaverton collection office. We do not charge a collection fee for DNA collection when done in our office. All DNA collections are by appointment only. You can order securely and privately online 24/7. If you would rather talk with a Genetic Consultant prior to deciding, please call us at 855-362-5224 during our standard business hours, Monday – Thursday, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM PST, and Friday 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM PST.

How Can A DNA Test Help Me?

The type of DNA tests we focus on provides our clients person knowledge of the truth, and if required, the documentation needed for sanctioned purposes. Journey Genetic Testing does not provide medical predisposition testing or ethnic testing. We often are asked why we specialize in just paternity and family association testing, and the reason why is that with both ethnic tests and genetic predisposition DNA test kits to determine medical issues, the results can never be said to be 100% accurate. We only want to produce test results that we can be certain are reliable.

As a matter of fact, we often provide our services after an individual is given a genealogy test result citing they they have found a unrealized “unknown brother or sister”. You may be interested to learn that almost 50% of the time when people want to verify ancestry findings, and test with a person they are told is a relative, in person-to-person AABB accredited testing, find they cannot be related.

When issues are made about family relationships, the questions do not usually go away by themselves. In fact, they don’t go away even years later until the truth is revealed. Understanding this, and helping you through these times, is one reason why we do what we do.

The DNA testing we do for our clients in Aloha, OR determines the statistical feasibility that two or more individuals are or are not biologically related. A Journey DNA test is the best way of confirming paternity either directly with the suspected father, or indirectly through his possible children, or other family members. All testing is done in AABB accredited laboratories.

You should also be aware that different states and regions may restrict the type of genetic testing you can order in direct to consumer testing. We hold the belief that each person should be entitled to make the choice that is right for them in regards to this process. Equally we want to respect the laws that determine what tests can be done.

All At-Home DNA Tests Listed Here Have Been Approved For Use In Oregon

Please click on the link below the picture showing your testing choice to learn more about that DNA test option.

Ordering A DNA Test Kit In Aloha, OR

We want to help you on your journey to truth. You can take the first step to learning the truth with one of our DNA collection kits.

Our DNA kits include the following: USPS Priority shipping of the kit to you, detailed step-by-step instructions, sterile buccal swabs for each person taking the DNA test, collection envelopes, any needed forms, and a prepaid overnight FedEx label and envelope (USA only for prepaid label).

If those being tested do not all live in Aloha, OR, that’s no problem. We can send DNA kits to multiple addresses. When ordering, select how many kits you need (one per address is recommended if you cannot get together to do your DNA collection). You will be able to list the names and addresses to send the kits to on the order form. They are each coded with the same case number to be matched in the lab. Each additional DNA collection kit will also be sent USPS Priority mail and include all collection materials and a prepaid return label (USA addresses only).

Collecting A DNA Sample

The most popular way to obtain the necessary DNA sample is to use a mouth swab, often referred to as a “buccal” swab, which is very similar to a “Q-tip” cotton swab. The swabs are rubbed on the inside cheeks of the mouth for each sibling (and the mother, if testing) for about 15 – 30 second per side. It is painless and quick.

Your Aloha, OR at home DNA test kit will have detailed step-by-step instructions on how to collect your DNA sample. You can also learn more about how to take a home DNA test by going to How To Collect A DNA Sample At Home.

When it is not possible to obtain a buccal sample voluntarily, or if you wish to have the testing to be done in a more discreet manner, we are often able to test items other than a mouth swab. These are known as non-standard, or alternative, DNA samples. We can test these types of DNA samples at a reasonable additional cost. To learn more about alternative DNA samples, please CLICK HERE.

For discreet, private DNA testing, you do not have to obtain consent for testing for the DNA samples being submitted.  The results are only provided to the person who orders the test, unless specific written instructions to release the test results to other individuals is provided to us.

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