DNA Testing In Colorado

Journey Genetic Testing provides authenticated, low-cost, and 100% factualtrue DNA services in Colorado.

Our testing services specialize in paternity and family relationship genetic testing. Depending| on your unique situation and need, we can provide results that are either for peace of mind, or are able to be used in court.

Private at home DNA kits permitted for use in Colorado will provide the same results as legally admissible process, but are not ordinarily admissible in situations where a legal report is needed as there is no verification of the individual of those providing the DNA samples for the laboratory study.

Our legal AABB accredited DNA results can be used in court for matters such as: child support, birth certificates, and custody cases. Legal test reports can also be used for Social Security benefits, IRS verification of dependents, probate issues, and immigration cases. We have a legal DNA collection network of over 3,500 locations nationwide, and will be able to set up a time for your DNA collection with a collection office close to your home or office.

You can securely order both a legal and home test from us online 24/7, or call us at 855-362-5224 with any questions, during our regular business hours.

To learn more about a specific genetic test approved for use in Colorado, please click on one of our options below.

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