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As the leading provider of home, and legally admissible, DNA Testing in Nevada, Journey Genetic Testing provides the most accurate DNA tests available in Nevada. Our pricing is kept as low as possible to allow us to help those who need these life changing answers, without “breaking the bank“. Results are available on almost all of our Nevada DNA tests in just 1-2 days after the DNA samples have arrived at the lab.

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DNA tests are usually purchased to make a scientifically accurate determination of the true identify of a biological father in question. Nevada residents will often take a paternity test in Nevada for this information. What is not as commonly known is that paternity can also be established indirectly. We understand that there are many times that the suspected father is not available for testing, or those who need the answers do not want to involve him in the testing. In those cases we can perform what is referred to as an indirect paternity test, using the child’s siblings, paternal grandparents, brothers or sisters of the suspected father, among others. We believe that everyone has the right to know who their biological father is, whether they are a minor or an adult.

Immigration DNA testing in Nevada can also be performed, as well as chain of custody legal DNA testing for Nevada Native American Tribal Enrollment.

The easiest and most reliable way to obtain a DNA sample for paternity and relationship testing is to swab the inner mouth cheeks of those who are being tested. These cells are known as buccal cells, and they rub off easily onto buccal/cotton swabs and remain in place for analysis by our laboratory. Non-standard, or alternative DNA samples, such as hair follicles, fingernails, toothbrushes, ear wax, etc, that might contain someone’s DNA, can also be tested. We are the leading DNA company in testing alternative specimens for DNA to establish proof of relationship.

DNA Locations in Nevada (NV)

Home DNA test kits are available to send to any address in Nevada. No restrictions exist on DNA testing in Nevada. For a legal DNA test in Nevada, and immigration DNA tests, we have approved DNA collection locations in or near most Nevada (NV) cities.  We can schedule a DNA collection appointment for you that is conveniently accessible from your home or office in, or near, the cities listed below.

DNA Test Las VegasDNA Test Gardnerville RanchosDNA Test Kingsbury
DNA Test HendersonDNA Test Cold SpringsDNA Test Carlin
DNA Test RenoDNA Test DaytonDNA Test Tonopah
DNA Test North Las VegasDNA Test Incline VillageDNA Test Lovelock
DNA Test ParadiseDNA Test FallonDNA Test Stagecoach
DNA Test Spring ValleyDNA Test LaughlinDNA Test Sandy Valley
DNA Test Sunrise ManorDNA Test WinnemuccaDNA Test Topaz Ranch
DNA Test EnterpriseDNA Test Moapa ValleyDNA Test Smith Valley
DNA Test SparksDNA Test GardnervilleDNA Test East Valley
DNA Test Carson CityDNA Test Indian HillsDNA Test Bunkerville
DNA Test WhitneyDNA Test Johnson LaneDNA Test Pioche
DNA Test PahrumpDNA Test Lemmon ValleyDNA Test Mogul
DNA Test WinchesterDNA Test Silver SpringsDNA Test Ruhenstroth
DNA Test Summerlin SouthDNA Test West WendoverDNA Test Golden Valley
DNA Test Sun ValleyDNA Test ElyDNA Test Verdi
DNA Test ElkoDNA Test Battle MountainDNA Test Jackpot
DNA Test FernleyDNA Test Nellis AFBDNA Test Panaca
DNA Test Mesquite DNA Test MindenDNA Test Owyhee
DNA Test Spanish SpringsDNA Test YeringtonDNA Test Alamo
DNA Test Boulder CityDNA Test HawthorneDNA Test Schurz
DNA Test Spring CreekDNA Test Washoe ValleyDNA Test Wells

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