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Journey Genetic Testing provides at-home and legal DNA Testing in Wyoming, with the most accurate DNA tests available to consumers. We keep our prices as low as possible, which allows us to provide a DNA test to almost everyone who needs these life changing answers, without causing undo financial hardship. We are able to provide results on almost all of our Nevada DNA tests in just 1-2 days after the DNA samples have arrived at the lab.

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Most people purchase a DNA test in Wyoming to learn the true identify of a suspected biological father. Wyoming residents often order a paternity test in Wyoming to discover the truth behind a specific relationship. What is not as commonly known is that paternity can also be established indirectly. There are many times, and circumstances, that can be the cause of the suspected father not being available for testing, or those who need the answers may not want to involve him in the testing. When those are the circumstances of those needing to know the answer of paternity, we often provided what is referred to as an indirect paternity test. In an indirect paternity test, we are able to use the child in question siblings, their paternal grandparents, or brothers and/or sisters of the suspected father, which is called an avuncular DNA test in Wyoming. We believe that everyone has the right to know who their biological father is, whether they are a minor or an adult.

A Wyoming Immigration DNA test can also be done, meeting the approval of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as well as chain of custody legal DNA testing for Wyoming Native American Tribal Enrollment.

The easiest, and most reliable way to collect a DNA sample for paternity and relationship testing is to swab the inner mouth cheeks of those who are being tested. Non-standard, or alternative DNA samples, such as hair, nail clippings, toothbrushes, blood stains, that might contain someone’s DNA, can also be tested. We are the leading DNA company in testing alternative specimens for DNA to establish proof of relationship.

DNA Locations in Wyoming (WY)

Our at home DNA testing is available in every city in Wyoming. There are no restrictions on a home DNA test in Wyoming. For legal and immigration tests, there are many DNA sample locations  throughout the state, and in most Wyoming (WY) cities.  For legal DNA testing in Wyoming, we are able schedule an appointment for your DNA specimen collection that is located in, or close to, your home or office in almost every case.

DNA test in AftonDNA test in GilletteDNA test in LuskDNA test in Rock Springs
DNA test in Bar NunnDNA test in GlenrockDNA test in LymanDNA test in Saratoga
DNA test in BasinDNA test in Green RiverDNA test in MillsDNA test in Sheridan
DNA test in BuffaloDNA test in GreybullDNA test in Mountain ViewDNA test in Sundance
DNA test in CasperDNA test in GuernseyDNA test in NewcastleDNA test in Thermopolis
DNA test in CheyenneDNA test in JacksonDNA test in Pine BluffsDNA test in Torrington
DNA test in CodyDNA test in KemmererDNA test in PinedaleDNA test in Wheatland
DNA test in DouglasDNA test in LanderDNA test in PowellDNA test in Worland
DNA test in EvanstonDNA test in LaramieDNA test in RawlinsDNA test in Wright
DNA test in EvansvilleDNA test in LovellDNA test in Riverton

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